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6YL-120 Integrated Oil Press

6YL-120/ZX-105 Integrated Oil Press Introduction
6YL-120/ZX-105 cold and hot dual-purpose multifunctional screw press machine is a new product developed by our company. This machine can be used in soybean, peanut, tea seed, sesame, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, linseed, corn germ oil and other plant. The machine has infrared heating, integrated temperature control and fine filtration system, the machine adopts multistage press technology, once again, the raw material into the machine after pressing is the net oil, can be eaten directly. The machine is suitable for small refineries, oil squeezed and sold and processing, convenient operation, high efficiency.
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6YL-120/ZX-105 Integrated Oil Press Working Principle
1.Powered deceleration transmitted to the spindle mounted to the spindle with the screw rotation, the thread of oil will continue to move forward, because the press bore screw and the space between reduced gradually, the oil density increased, thus the pressure increases gradually.
2.In the press process, because this machine is integrated heating, integrated temperature control device, increase the body temperature of the host, so as to reduce the labor intensity, body wear, labor saving, time saving, and between particles in oil, friction between the fuel oils and the components, the heat generated.
3.This form of oil extracting pressure, heat of the two elements, the destruction of oil cells, the oil overflows from the oil line, the cake was launched from a cake with the cake mouth.
4.When the spilled oil flows in through the oil filter on top of the barrel, the barrel in the air out of the vacuum pump. The negative pressure formed in the barrel, oil is pumped through the filter cloth, into the barrel, and the oil was isolated in the cloth above, then the oil is pure.

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6YL-120/ZX-105 Integrated Oil Press Features
1.Advanced technology: reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance;
2.High oil yield: the optimized design, improve the oil yield;
3.Energy saving: adopt the new transmission device, improve the transmission efficiency;
4.Labor:With auxiliary facilities such as lifting machine, can save manpower;
5.Wide application: suitable for most oil crops;
6.Pure oil:vacuum filtration residue, protect the oil clean;
7.Multistage press: The residual oil rate of the material is further reduced, and the quality of the oil and the quality of the cake are improved
8.Integrated temperature control press: The inner heating device is arranged in the pressing chamber, and no preheating of the mill is needed, integrated oil temperature rise, easy to oil refining, oil refining all the year round.
9.Vacuum filtration: Using the portable continuous refining machine, can realize quick separation, remove the oil phospholipid colloid impurities, after the treatment of oil can not afford to reach the national edible oil standards, direct filling sales
10. Large handling capacity
11. Good material
12. Long service life
6YL-130A Integrated Oil Press Structure
This series machine is mainly composed of five parts: integrated control part, heating press part, adjusting part, transmission part and vacuum filter oil.
1.The integrated control system is composed of an air switch, an AC contactor, a temperature controller and a circuit integrated protection device;
2.The heating pressing part is composed of a heater, a pressing screw, a pressing strip, a machine body assembly, etc.
3.The transmission part is composed of main shaft and reducer, belt pulley, motor wheel and so on;
4.The adjusting part is composed of adjusting screw, adjusting nut, handle, lock nut and so on;
5.Vacuum oil filter consists of vacuum pump, filter oil pipeline assembly;

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6YL-120/ZX-105 Integrated Oil Press Technical Parameters

Model 6YL-120/ZX-105
Snail speed(r/min) 30-40
Capacity(kg/h) 200-300
Dimension(mm) 2200x1650x2100(Include oil filter)
2200x1100x2100(Not contain oilfilter)
Power(kw) Host 11KW
Vacuum pump 1.5KW
Heater 3.3KW
Weight(kg) 1280kg