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6YL-80A Integrated Oil Press


6YL-80A Integrated Oil Press Introduction
Integrated oil press is one new oil press equipment is developed independently by our company in recent years in the basis advantages of 6YL-80 screw press. Equipped with integrated temperature rising and oil-cleaning system, this type of integrated oil press equipment is able to do both cold press and hot press. Meanwhile, the design of the integrated oil press is novel and performance is perfect, and as it requires low investment and generates high profit, so the machine covering small space, performing perfectly, and its easy-to-operate is quite suitable for those who do business in the country market or who run a small-scale oil mill. As people could see the whole process of oil pressing, they believe it’s clean and reliable. It is widely used in the processing of rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut, sesame seed, tea seed, sunflower seed, olive, coconut, palm fruit (peeled) and other granular fuel, it also can be used for power oil plant, such as rice bran, corn germ oil and so on. It is the idea choice for customers!

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6YL-80A Integrated Oil Press Features
1.High oil extraction rate: compared with old model, multi-stage press, one time finish press, increase the oil extraction rate by 2-3%;
2.Energy saving: compare with same capacity products, it can reduce electric power 40%, each hour can saving 6kw/h;
3.Labor saving: compare with same capacity products, it can save labor 60%, only need 1-2 person is OK;
4.High oil purity-vacuum filtration residue, safeguard oil purity, conform to the standard of health;
5.Cover small area-only need 10-20 square meter can meet the use.

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6YL-80A Integrated Oil Press Working Principle
When oil press operation prepared material enters chamber form the hopper and then moves forwards by the rotating pressing screw and is pressed. Under the high-pressure condition in the chamber, friction between materials and screw, between material and chamber will be created which also created which also creates friction and relative movement among material particles, on the other hand toot diameter of the pressing crew caries larger form one end to the other, hence, when rotating, it not only promotes particles moving forwards but turns them outwards as well, meanwhile, particle adjacent the screw will rotation along with screw’s rotating. The oil flows through the ring teeth falls into a foodstuff-safe steel funnel. The press cake is transported out of the press via a freely adjustable press gap. This adjustable press gap makes it possible to process many different types of seed. Whereby the press cake, that is in chip form falls out of the bottom of the machine. The presses are driven by a electric motor. It is also can driven by diesel engine for customers to reach continue working performance, where the power is not so stable.
6YL-80A Integrated Oil Press Technical Parameters

Model 6YL-80A
Capacity 2-3T/D
Power 7.5kw
Weight(kg) 820