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6YL Series Automatic Oil Press


6YL Series Automatic Oil Press Introduction
The 6YL series automatic oil press is mainly used to crush seeds of peanut, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower, castor oil, flax, oil plants and some some other oil plants seeds.
The series screw press produces pressure through screw extrusion and presses the material with high strength by pressure, once again squeezed net, you can squeeze a variety of raw materials, only need one person to operate, save labor and time. The complete set of equipment includes oil press, oil filter and frying machine
Press equipment core parts are made of high temperature heat treatment, squeezed snails and squeeze row using alloy material, with high temperature resistance, wear resistance, no deformation. The press shaft and the outlet of the cake are made of 20 carbon hard alloy. After carburized quenching or high frequency quenching, it has  high hardness, high strength, good abrasion resistance and long service life.

6YL Series Automatic Oil Press
6YL Series Automatic Oil Press Working Principle
In the process of oil extraction, after the material entering the chamber of oil press, the power reducer is transmitted to the main shaft, and the press screw mounted on the main shaft rotates along with the oil continuously between the threads.
For the space between screw pressing chamber and screw gradually narrow, the density of oil material is increase, thus the pressure increases gradually.
Direct contact with the pressure between the particles produced by the pressure to form a deformation, the pressure between the oil particles in direct contact is deformed.  After the oil material burst out of the oil, it bonding as one. In the extrusion pressing chamber, oil is not loose, but the formation of a cake.
In the process of pressing, between the oil material particles, oil material and parts occurs friction, resulting heat. This is the formation of the oil pressure in the process of pressure and heat two elements, to destroy the oil tissue cells, from the oil in the purpose of squeezing oil.
In the process of pressing, oil particles, between the oil and the friction between the parts, resulting in heat, so that the formation of the oil pressure heat, which is the two elements in the process of pressure, in order to achieve the destruction of fuel cells, to extract the oil. The cake was launched from the cake mouth. When the spilled oil flows on top of the barrel, the barrel vacuum pump to extract air, negative pressure is formed in the barrel, oil is pumped through the filter cloth, into the bucket. While the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth, and ultimately get the pure oil.
6YL Series Automatic Oil Press

6YL Series Automatic Oil Press Technical Parameters

Model 6YL-60 6YL-70 6YL-80 6YL-100 6YL-125
Screw Diameter(mm) Ø55 Ø63 Ø80 Ø100 Ø125
Bore diameter(mm) Ø57 Ø65 Ø82 Ø102 Ø127
Screw speed(r/min) 64 42 63 43 36
Power Host(kw) 2.2 3 5.5 7.5 11
Heater(kw) 0.9 1.5 3 3.5 4
Vacuum pump
0.55 0.55 0.55 0.75 0.75
Capacity(kg/h) 35 60 100 200 300
Weight(kg) 230 280 565 760 920
Dimension(mm) 1200×800×1160 1400×950×1250 1650×1500×1600 2000×1500×1720 2100×1500×1750
Voltage(V) 220 220 380 380 380
Oil Yield of Oil Material

Raw material
Oil yield(%) Cake thick(mm) Oil Residual of oil cake(%)
Sesame 48-55 1.0-1.5 ≤7
Peanut 40-43 0.8-2 ≤8
Rapeseed 36-42 1.0-1.5 ≤8
sunflower seeds 50-55 1.2-1.5 ≤8
Soybean 13-18 0.8-1.5 ≤7
Flaxseed 38-42 0.8-1.5 ≤7
Tea seed 26-38 1.0-1.5 ≤7
Walnut 60-70 1.0-1.5 ≤7

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