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What is Cold and Hot Oil Press Technology?


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Cold Oil Press Technology Introduction
The production of oil crops after low temperature pressed vegetable oil called cold oil. The general cold pressing method is processed under the condition of less than 60℃, and the nutrient composition is most kept intact. For cold pressed oil does not contain any additives, so it most retain the original nutrients of raw materials and easy for people to absorb the corresponding lack of nutrition.
There is no damage of the cold pressed oil, so it does not need to add any additives generally, you can save for a long time. Cold pressing oil with natural characteristics, to avoid the adverse effects of traditional high temperature oil processing production. The natural flavor and color of the oil are kept in the cold pressed oil, it is the ideal choice for a healthy life. Cold pressing is in the oil before pressing without heating or low temperature condition, give oil press. Cold pressing oil is not heated or in low temperature pressing, Cold oil temperature and acid value is low, generally do not need refining, after sedimentation and filtration can be obtained after oil.
Most of the oil is not suitable for cold pressing, for example of soybean, high erucic acid seed, cottonseed, peanut, sesame. Beany flavor of soybean oil, spicy flavor of high erucic acid, toxin gossypol of the cottonseed oil, Aflatoxins in metamorphic oils must be refined to remove. Sesame oil and peanut oil flavor must be through hot pressing process to obtain. Cold pressing material must be selected, otherwise due to the maturity of different raw materials and raw materials which contain harmful substances ((Aflatoxin moldy in oil and the toxin gossypol in cottonseed) will be caused serious influence on the cold oil quality. It is generally said that the low point of cold pressing, the moisture content is not stable, so it is not conducive to long-term storage. Cold pressing generally need to crush oil material, the yield of oil can be go up, and sometimes also need two oil press machines and three press machines. The press produced by our company adopts three segment screw and three pressing strip, basically blank after a press will be able to have a good rate of oil.

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Cold Pressed Oils has a Vital Contribution to Your Healthier Life
(1)They are cholesterol free;
(2)They are not refiner, deodorized for processed in any way;
(3) They do not contain harmful solvent residues;
(4)Proteco cold pressed oils contain no added chemicals or preservatives;
(5)They contain natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. Vitamin E) and phosphatides(e.g. Lecithin);
(6)The natural flavour and odour is retained, enhancing your favorite recipes.
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Cold Oil Press Advantages
(1)Cold pressing oil to ensure various nutrients are not destroyed, high unsaturated fatty acid content, and effectively put an end to the acid, alkali, heavy metals and cholesterol and other harmful substances residue, in order to make clear the oil smell of natural fragrance, authentic, pure natural, green.
(2)Cold pressing oil helps to promote the nervous system, bone and brain development, prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and has a good preventive effect for osteoporosis, contribute to the metabolism.
(3)Cold pressing oil has less fumes, fumes easily damage the lungs, some of the volatile substances and even lead to cancer, and the cold pressing oil by cold pressing technology to solve all the problems of housewives.
Cold Pressing Process Defects
Cold pressing generally need to crush oil material, the yield of oil can be go up, and sometimes also need two press and three press. The press produced by our company adopts three segment screw and three pressing strip, basically blank after a press will be able to have a good rate of oil.
What is hot oil press technology?

Hot Oil Press Technology Introduction
Hot oil is oil by high temperature (120-130 ℃) after roasted by the physical form of refined oil press, edible vegetable oil in our daily life is mostly hot oil. Hot pressed oil rate is high, the operation is simple. Especially the oil pressed from peanut and sesame this kind of oil crops is more fragrant.
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Hot Oil Press Technology Advantages
(1) There will be a series of changes in the oil, oil cell destruction, protein denaturation, oil viscosity reduction, etc., in order to press the oil extraction and improve the oil yield.
(2) As the oil crop seeds roasted and extracting, smell special fragrance, darker color, higher yield.
(3) The residue in the product is less, easy to preserve.
(4) Solvent free residue.
Cold Pressing Process Defects
(1)The color of crude oil processed by high temperature oil squeeze is deep, acid value increases, so the gross oil must be refined before consumption.
(2) At the same time, high temperature oil in oil to bio active substances (vitamin E, sterols, kinds of carotenoids, etc.) a great loss in the press process, resulting in a waste of resources.

The Difference Between Cold Pressed Oil and Hot Pressed Oil
In our daily life, we have two kinds of edible oil production to choice, they are cold pressed oil and hot pressed oil. While there exist great differences between them.
(1) The production process is different. The cold pressed oil is pressed at room temperature, the oil temperature is low, and the acid value is also relatively low. So there is no need to refine. We would get the oil products after precipitation and filtration. While in the hot pressed oil production process, we heat the seeds up or add chemicals to help. Some seeds like sesame seeds need to be hot pressed because they hold such little oil. Also, the raw oil is relatively dark after high temperature treatment, the acid value will rise, so the crude can be edible only after refining.

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(2)The oil quality is distinctive. The cold pressed oil is with natural properties. It could avoid the adverse effects caused by traditional high temperature, retain the physiological active substance and its original taste and flavor. It is a pretty good choice for healthy life. Hot pressed oil is with pure taste. The oil plants are pressed after fried. It smells good especially for oily plants like sesame seeds. while there are a series of changes in the oil plants. The process will destruct the plant cells, denature the protein, reduce oil viscosity, and improve the yield efficiency. What’s more, the bioactive substances in the oil such as vitamin E, sterol, Carotenoid will endure massive loss.
(3)Something about the cooking process. Cold pressed oil in deep-fried will not foam or silt. The condition is different when it comes to hot pressed oil.
(4) They apply to diverse raw material. The cold pressed oil is always squeezed below 60℃. Some oil seeds such as camellia, coconut, flaxseed, hemp and olive seeds are suitable for that. However, the mashed material is then heated to 100-120℃ in a so-called cooker in the hot oil processing. Let’s take soybean, high erucic acid rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut and sesame for instance. The produced oil must be processed through oil refinning process, Because there is beany flavor in soybean oil, spicy flavor in high erucic acid rapeseed oil, toxin-cottorrpherol in rapeseed oil and aflatoxin in degenerative oilseeds. All above must be refined. Also the flavor of sesame oil and fragrant peanut can be got only after hot processing.
(5) The oil yield. The oil yield achievable through cold pressing is typically between 34,5-35,9% of the total weight of the input material (in case of 42% oil content), while the hot one is normally between 35.7%-37.8%.

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